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Dear Kirby

My dear sweet Kirby,

   Yes, I know you want to outside and sit, but, sweetie!  It's just too hot for an old man Wheaten Terrier like you~!  There's this thing called a heat wave going on right now that could potentially hurt you if you stay out too long.  You're not a puppy anymore, mister. 

....Yes, I KNOW the master is outside and working too, but he needs to be inside too~!  NO, the pistachios are not for you to eat!  The last time you ate them you got sick and threw them back up!  And you wonder why I tell you to stop doing so many things.

Believe it or not, my little growly grumpy pants, I do love you with all of my heart, but I'm just looking out for you!  Even if you do cling to our mama more than me when it's thunder storming outside, you spoiled rotten little goober.  ((He has two beds in the in the den and one in the office, and he is spoiled rotten to the all OVER the place and cookies are hidden for "just because" moments and he has a bowl for water outside AND inside...XD))


Your sister that knows she's higher up than you...somehow

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