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Chill, Dog.


Baby Girl, Fuzzbutt, Bully Girl, Furface, Miss Sensitive... I know it's hot out. It's been hot out nearly ever day of your 7 years here with us. We live in Texas. This is per the norm. For 7 years you knew this and knew all the different ways you could cool off, like laying in that nice spot near the freezer or in front of the fan.

So why the hell did you pick this year to suddenly forget how to cool off?! Wanting to lay out in the hot sun does nothing but make you hotter, dammit. As does constantly trying to keep active. Laying back front of the fan inside the air conditioned house, however, aids in cooling you off. Like it has all these years. Take a damn nap in front of it! You'll feel better! I promise!

Oh, and that fly on your butt? Wasn't trying to eat your non-existent tail. Stop spazzing.

*sigh* You are the weirdest dog...

But I love you.

- The One Who's Meals You Constantly Wish to Share
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