srelletaseret (srelletaseret) wrote in note_to_dog,

beautiful mornings

Dear Yoda,
      The best thing about mornings is waking up to your beautiful brown eyes that are truly the windows to your soul and your permanent bed head body.  There are no bad mornings with you.  I am sorry I didn't give you a real name like I did Charly and Olivia.  Well, I did give you a real name, Soda Dakota, but no one wanted to call you that.  You did look like Yoda when you were a puppy so....  Anyhow, you don't seem to mind so I guess it's okay.  You are a blessing in my life, and the cutest dog (even cuter than 12 week-old Olivia who is as cute as a button) ever.  Don't let anyone tell you differently.

With All My Love,
Teresa =)Yoda
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