srelletaseret (srelletaseret) wrote in note_to_dog,

My Sweet Charly

Dear Charly, 
     I'm glad you are in my life.  You are a very special dog.  I love when you come running to me when I call you, your legs pumping, ears flapping, a smile on your face.  I love that you let our new puppy, Olivia, climb all over you and chew on your beard.  It makes my heart swell that you have more than accepted her into our family.  And I know she loves you a lot by the way she follows you around and wants to always be with you.

     I love you very much even though you don't listen to me very well.  I know that this is my fault because I make a bad Alpha.  You're just so cute, you look like a Muppet.  I just wish you wouldn't bark crazy at other dogs who pass by the window and the mail person.  You get Yoda going and then it becomes dog frenzy.  I really don't want you to teach that to Olivia.  I don't know what to do.  I've tried yelling.  I've spoken to you in a nice good-dog-you-can-stop-barking-now voice.  I shook the can with pennies in it and squirted you with vinegar water (though your hair was too long for you to notice) to distract you from the window.  I even tried getting you to stop with your favorite treats.  What can I do?  How can I be a better Alpha to you?  You are a smart dog, which is probably why you don't listen to me.  You know I'll give in to you cos you are my fluffy muppet dog and I know you've had a hard life before you came to me.  I'm happy to have you in my life.  I'd be happier if you'd listen to me. =P

Teresa =)
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