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Minnie, you little weirdo...


I adore you.  Really I do.  However we need to work on a few of your quirks.

I get that you want to be the Alpha Dog, and with Shiloh and Teddybear having crossed Rainbow Bridge you really are the only candidate for that.  Poor old Lainie with her one eye going blind and her gentle sweet disposition isn't interested in being the boss.  Poor Max ended up with an ulcer thinking he had to be the boss and is more than glad to have you take the lead.  That being said, female dogs really aren't built to hike their legs when they pee.  You're just going to make a mess and fall over so maybe you could go back to squatting m'kay?

Next, I know being a stray and then being in the pound has giving you a cast iron stomach that can handle anything.  However those days are past and you get the good food now.  Imagine my shock (and disgust) when after I feed you lamb with rice and veggies I find you digging through the cat pan for a snack.  Ick.  I know you now have access to the litter box, but that's because I had to take out the baby gate so the elderly cat could get to it.  It was not an invitation to the buffet.  If you do it again I will have to yell at you again and neither one of us wants that.

Also if you are going snacking in the cat pan you have zero reasons to get upset when I won't let you give me kisses.

Much love,

The provider of bacon treats
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