Warkitty (warkitty) wrote in note_to_dog,


Churchill puppy, honestly when I feed you in the morning it means breakfast time, not "wander around whining that it's not time for walkies." Walkies will happen, AFTER you eat your breakfast and I get my coffee.

Also, I promise I am capable of going to the bathroom without an escort. Really. You don't have to follow me into the bathroom every time. I'll find it. I won't disappear through a tesseract. I will emerge from the bathroom unscathed.

By the way, tonight is your first day of puppy classes. Please try to remember at least some of the things I've taught you over the past few months. I know you'll be all excited by the other puppies and everything, but try.

The Mom
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Buutttt mommie?!?!?! It's my water bowl! And I miss you when I can't see you And I love you so muchI just want to be so good. Oh look! What's that?!
Welcome to the attention span of a puppy.
Bless you for opening your heart and home may you have a great life together.
This is my second puppy-hood, and the first one was about 16+ years ago. I'm enjoying it while it lasts, actually:-D It's fun watching him start developing his own opinions and ideas for games. It's amazing to see him suddenly do things one day that had never occurred to him before because, well, he just grew up a bit and suddenly thought "maybe I should bark when someone comes to the door at 5am!" or "oh wow, what's that thing! A BIRD? I think I should catch it!" (he's a German Shorthaired Pointer, so it's kinda in the blood).

I'm loving puppy cuddles before bed still and hope never to lose that. I love that he is getting enough attention span at 5.5mo to handle some of the "stay" commands, though he still can get distracted pretty easily it's not as easy as a month ago. I am constantly amazed at his stamina and generally good nature and think bringing him home was the best thing I've done since getting my horse.
Having a four legged companion, friend, guardian which one chooses to call them really is the best thing in the world. I don't know what what i would do with out Delilah. She is my friend, my helpmate, my safety net, my buffer against the world.
And my goodness what would we do without puppy cuddles?! I love that she sleeps at my feet or my side and will alert me awake if she detects a problem either outside or if I start to have an asthma attack in my sleep.
In a nutshell, my world opened up when she came into it.
Two words for you...PUPPY BREATH~! <3

And did someone mention tesseract?! :D